England Sees Planning Permission Approvals Peak

England Sees Planning Permission Approvals Peak

It has been discovered that planning permission in England has risen in the number of applications being approved, thanks to a new study compiled by Everest, the home improvement specialists. However, while these applications are more regularly going through, the location of each planning permission proposal looking to be obtained relies somewhat on locality.

Location, Location, Location

Through scrutinising data from a host of sources including the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Governments, the study’s experts were successfully able to hone-in and uncover the top five most likely locations to be granted planning permission for sites that are no larger than one hectare. As you might expect, the country’s capital, the City of London, sits at number one with a prominent 99% success rate.

Possibly a more surprising destination claimed the second spot, with the North West city of Wigan taking the runner’s up spot. Here, 98% of applications gaining approval, closely followed up in third by the South West’s Exmoor National Park realising a notable 97% of planning permission getting the green light.

Successful Applications Soar

Around 32% of applicants on a national scale were required to wait in the region of three months before their bids achieved approval, but there is evidence to support the fact that successful planning applications are now at their highest level; around 88%. This is a 6% increase when compared to the 82% average that has been seen through the last decade.

Staying is the New Moving

While people may have been more inclined to up-sticks and make a new home for themselves in a different property in the past, the research has found that homeowners are now opting to stay and improve their current dwellings.

The fees associated with moving has been seen to be one of the contributing factors to the spike in those seeking planning permission as a way of extending and/or upgrading their existing properties instead.

The Overall Profit from Home Improvements

While around a quarter of applicants didn’t receive support from neighbours, and with this being the primary reason for objections, a significant 65% of all people who took part in the research cited that they had experienced no problems with their local residents. This highlights the fact that general property improvements that come as a result of these planning applications serve to benefit not just the individual homeowners, but the communities too.

So, with success rate at the highest in over a decade, why not get your applications in now? Here at Martin Perry Associates, we specialise in planning applications (Devon & Cornwall-based), as well as engineering and surveying services, and more. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you on 01579 345777. Alternatively, you can email us at mail@mperryassociates.com.

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