The Most Impressive Structural Engineering Projects of 2020

The Most Impressive Structural Engineering Projects of 2020

As structural engineers working across Exeter and the South West, we are always looking out for impressive projects to get inspired by.

2020 has been an unusual year; structural engineering projects may have experienced various delays but, like everything else, the industry is returning to business as usual.

Whether it’s a mega high-rise or unique construction project, there are an abundance of structures being built around the world that are worthy of notice. Here, we consider a handful of the most impressive projects taking place or due for completion in 2020.


Premier Tower, Melbourne

This new construction in the centre of Melbourne’s inner city is visually distinct and stands 79-storeys high. The curvy wave-like structure was designed by architects at Elenberg Fraser who were said to have been inspired by a Beyoncé music video when conceptualising the design.

The building itself houses a combination of apartments, hotels, recreational spaces, street-side cafés and retail areas.

This prestigious development uses an impressive combination of glass, concrete and steel to form its distinctive and structurally-admirable shape. As the tower is particularly slim, care was taken to ensure the building did not sway with wind movement. Mega-columns and outriggers were made to ensure the structure’s stability and durability.

High Speed 2 (HS2), UK

Slightly closer to home, this upcoming transport project is one of the most extensive and exciting in Europe. The high-speed railway line aims to connect the North of England to the country’s capital through a series of phases.

Phase one will connect London to Birmingham and will run for 140 miles. Most of the 2020 activity will take place in the city centre stations as the biggest engineering challenges are often located at these points.

The phase two route has not yet been confirmed with certainty. The current proposed route is split into two sub-phases with 2a going from the West Midlands to Crewe and 2b continuing from Crewe to Leeds. Other proposed legs of the phase two journey also take travellers to Manchester.

The construction of the railway has been touted as a significant creator of jobs despite the criticisms it has garnered. For some, the construction of HS2 is a contentious issue as they fear the effects it will have on residential and wildlife areas. For others, the benefits of the railway outweigh these negatives; either way, it is sure to be an impressive feat of engineering!

A railway track

Allegiant Stadium, Nevada

This American football stadium cost a whopping $1.97 billion to construct, making it the most expensive stadium ever built. With a dome-like shape, this new structure has space for 65,000 spectators. This 1.8 million-square-foot venue is the new home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders.

The unique visuals were inspired by the idea of a sleek luxury vehicle which can be seen clearly in the futuristically-domed look. The memorable translucent roof is suspended by a series of 100 cables which creates an innovative, lightweight structure. Thanks to its fresh design and architectural idiosyncrasies, the stadium has been publicised as the new benchmark for sporting facilities.

As construction wrapped up in July of this year, the first event is scheduled for September with a game between the Raiders and New Orleans Saints where the grounds will be put to the test.

Other Projects

If you want to look into more of the biggest and most impressive projects taking place in 2020, you may be interested in undertaking your own research into the following structures!

• SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles
• Australia 108, Melbourne
• Tokyo Olympic Park, Tokyo
• PwC Tower, Milano
• 22 Bishopsgate, London
• Vista Tower, Chicago
• Rothera Wharf, Antarctica

Many projects will be facing delays, so it may be that we will have to wait until 2021 to see the completion of some long-awaited structures!

Our team of experienced structural engineers could be invaluable when it comes to your next project. Find out how Martin Perry Associates could help you today!

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