What Expert Do I Need?

What Expert Do I Need?

When undertaking any kind of construction work, whether it is a new build, a conversion or a renovation, you will require a team of experts to assist and advise you.

Before you proceed, you should know which experts you will require as they will be the key to a successful project. Usually, the team will involve architects, structural engineers and surveyors, each having their own role to play. The architect will be working out how the building will look, while the structural engineer will be considering the stability and strength of the project, and the surveyor will be interested in the value and the use of land.

Knowing which experts you require will be the key to a successful project, so we have explained what each role entails.

The Architect

Architects go through years of training which is mainly based around the aesthetic of the structure as well as the appearance and functionality within the building. However, not only will they consider the look of the building, but they are also usually the lead consultant of the project and will often oversee the contractors on site. This will mean that the architect on site will be responsible and involved with every aspect of the project.

Structural Engineer

As we briefly mentioned above, Structural Engineers look at the stability and strength of the structure. They ensure that the building will stay standing, specifying items such as beams, joists, walls etc. Structural Engineers will also advise on what temporary works are required in order to allow structural alterations to be carried out safely.. Their role is key within the construction industry and has a wide range of responsibilities as well as a duty to ensure the safety and durability of the project on which they are working.

Whilst the architect will focus on the appearance of the structure; the structural engineer will solve technical problems and help the architect achieve their vision. So, if you require help with the strength and stability of a building, then you need to instruct a structural engineer.

If you require a structural engineer in Plymouth or the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01579 345777.


There are many different types of surveyors which are needed on a construction project with the most common being:

Land Surveyor: They will produce accurate plans of any existing property, sites and buildings as well as setting out the site.

Building Surveyor: They will produce simple building designs and identify any defects.

Quantity Surveyor: They will calculate the value of the building work.

Party Wall Surveyors: They specialise in the Party Wall Act. We have produced a useful guide relating to the Party Wall Act, which can be accessed here.

There a number of other types of surveyors that may be needed during your project, but the ones listed above are the ones you will most probably require.

As you can see, these experts have completely different roles, but come together to work as one team to make sure that the project is a success.

Here at Martin Perry Associates, we can assist with your project in various ways including party wall, structural design, structural reports for planning purposes and building regulations and contract administration services. If you require any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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